Quick Start Guide

Request an API key

Accessing our API requires a key. Automatic sign up is currently disabled, but you can drop us an email, stating your name and intent, and we will generate a key for you.

Authorize requests

All requests to our API must be authorized, so we know who plays with our data. To keep URLs simple and clean, the key should be sent as an X-Authorization header attached to your HTTP request.


GET /{endpoint} HTTP/1.1
Host: http://api.zeit.de
X-Authorization: {api_key}

The key may also be sent as a query parameter, but a header is preferred.


GET /{endpoint}?api_key={api_key} HTTP/1.1
Host: http://api.zeit.de

Available formats

The supported content types for now are JSON and JSONP, simple as that. The default is JSON.
To get JSONP, a callback parameter specifying the function's name is required.


GET /{endpoint}?callback=myCallbackName HTTP/1.1
Response: myCallbackName({"result":"data"});

Error handling

If there was something wrong with your request or, if for some reason, we dropped the ball, you will receive an appropriate HTTP status code. The body will contain a JSON-encoded description of what might have been the problem.


Content: {"description": "The provided API key seems to be invalid."}

Start exploring

Now, that you have learned the basics, head over to our API Explorer or digg into the documentation.